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The Ogre

THE OGRE by Menagerie

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Val asked nervously.
Mindy shrugged. It didn't look quite right. It was an old, beat-up building on
the outskirts of town; the paint was peeling, the porch was ramshackle. But the
street number was right. They'd only gotten the sales call that afternoon; maybe
the new receptionist miscopied the address. She knocked again, a bit louder.
The two women were on their first few weeks on the job, selling ads for a local
radio station. Both 22, and looking for a way to make a buck. Valerie, the
gorgeous, curvy brunette, was wearing a stylish pants suit, her long hair swept
up. Her big breasts strained against the blouse; the jacket was tapered to hug
her narrow waist and full hips.
There was nothing stylish about Mindy's get-up; the chunky California girl was
wearing too short of a skirt, and she had plenty of thigh to show. But, she
figured, it couldn't help but reel in a new customer. She'd already had her
share of lecherous clients poking at her big bazooms, patting her ass, and
leering at her; even the county sheriff. He'd been in the office to record a
public service announcement, ogled her and Val, and commented, "You two look
sweet enough to eat." Give 'em a big sunny smile, let 'em have their fun, and
the orders will follow.
A third knock...and this time, the door creaked open a bit. They hesitated.
"Aw, let's go in," said Val. "The worst they could do is throw us out." Boldly,
and with a big grin, she strode through the door; with a somewhat weaker smile,
Mindy followed.
The foyer was dimly lit; it emptied into a stairway to the basement, though, and
at the bottom there was a brighter light. "That must be the place," said Val.
The two girls felt their way down the dimly-lit stairs, clutching rate cards and
order books; their heels click-clicked on the wooden steps.
They got to the lit room; it was empty, lined with closed doors--and one
half-open one, leading to a lavatory. "I've gotta go potty," Mindy announced,
and rushed in, closing the door behind her.
The well-built saleslady wrestled her panty-hose to the floor and squatted for a
pee. She had thick, muscular legs, from working out with the Army Reserves, and
a well-rounded butt. She got up, looked around unsuccessfully for toilet
paper...then discovered the toilet wouldn't flush. No running water in the sink,
either. She started to get nervous, and quickly left the bathroom, only to
find...nobody there. "Val?" she called softly, then a bit louder: "Val!"
No sign of Valerie, but her sales ledger was lying on the floor. A thrill of
fear traced up Mindy's spine; had they been set up? Was there a rapist making
anonymous appointments with unsuspecting saleswomen? She quickly bent over and
picked up Val's ledger, and strode anxiously back up the stairs...when a huge
form suddenly blocked her way.
Mindy screamed, and stumbled back down the steps. There were several doors
leading out of the basement room; she frantically tried the knobs...all locked.
Growling, the thing behind her strode forward in a curiously unhurried way, the
floor thumping with its steps. The girl desperately threw her weight against the
last door--and burst through it...
...into a nightmare. Val was lying in front of her, thoroughly trussed up; a
coarse rope wound around her slender legs and bound her arms to her sides. A
cloth gag stilled her; she excitedly uttered, "Mmmrph...mmmuph!," bouncing up
and down in her bonds.
Strewn across the cement floor of the large, square room were a number of bones,
as well as bloodstained coils of rope. In the middle of the room, the concrete
had been dug out; a pit held smouldering branches. Two sturdy, Y-shaped sticks,
four feet high, were at either end.
"Eeeph!" screeched Valerie through the gag, and Mindy whirled--as the thing
filled the open doorway.
It was eight feet tall, over 600 pounds. Its only clothing was a crude pair of
pants, made of burlap and cinched with another piece of rope. The being had a
protruding forehead, a long mane of hair down to its shoulders, and a huge
mouthful of sharp teeth that included a full set of tusks. Its huge brows were
knitted into a scowl; its eyes were jet black, with red pupils.
Its hands and feet, ending in dagger-like claws, were each as big as either
girl's head, its arms as big around as Mindy's waist. And it was reaching right
for her.
She screamed again and tried to run past it, but the creature quickly reached
out and wrapped one huge hand around her neck; it lifted her straight off the
ground. Mindy gurgled, her tongue sticking out, as her legs churned uselessly in
the air. The being stood motionless; Mindy stopped kicking--fearing she would
strangle herself--as it looked at her intently. Then, tucking her under the
other arm, it first pulled off her shoes and then started to undress her.
Mindy fought the attack, her fists and bare feet striking the ogre, but it paid
no attention as it ripped off her miniskirt and blouse. That exposed the huge
rose tatooed over her right bosom; the creature was temporarily fascinated by
the colors, and pressed its claws against the soft flesh, finally pulling off
Mindy's bra to get a better look. Her huge knockers, topped with rosy pink
nipples, exploded into view; it squashed one of her breasts, as she cried out in
The creature seemed uncertain about her panty hose, rubbing them and watching
them slide against her legs. It eventually figured out the nylons were removable
and peeled them off, along with her black, french-cut panties. The helpless
girl, now totally nude, continued to punch and kick; it leisurely reached down
for a length of rope. Still holding Mindy with one hand, the being carefully
wound the cord around her thick calves and ankles; with a second piece of rope,
it bound her hands behind her back.
It then examined her more closely. The creature rubbed her full, rounded belly
and heavy jugs; it kneaded her plump buttocks, her love mound and heavy,
muscular legs. Mindy whimpered piteously, trying to squirm away. Her deep chest
was heaving as she gulped for air; her thighs rubbed against each other as she
fought the ropes. Finally, satisfied with its catch, the monster turned to
Mindy regained her voice and began screaming, "Help us; somebody, please help
us!" The monster ignored her anguished cries; it unwound Valerie's bindings and,
holding her under one arm with her legs in front, began to strip her too. The
leather, high-arched shoes clattered to the floor; the being grabbed her pants
by the waist and removed them with one long pull. Val kicked her long, shapely
legs helplessly, "eeemph!"-ing through the gag, as the giant shredded her satin
pink panties; her pert rear end came into view, wiggling as she fought. Mindy
continued to shriek for help, as the monster flipped Val over, held her facing
it; for a moment, the terrified female stared, frozen in terror, into the
glittering red eyes. Then, it roughly pulled the jacket off her shoulders,
discarded it, and tore off her blouse.
The luscious brunette's swelling breasts stretched the stays on her pastel bra
with each heavy breath; the beast paused, then gripped the undergarment and
ripped it free. Her firm bosoms, the nipples erect with her struggles,
interested the creature; it pressed on them and watched as they sprang back into
shape. Giving up the fight, Valerie moaned through the gag, tears beginning to
stream from her eyes; the being retied her wrists and ankles, and
unceremoniously dumped her next to Mindy.
Mindy had stopped calling for help and had also begun to sob; she tried to
loosen her bonds, rolling on the floor with her meaty rump jutting straight up,
as she tried to get a grip on the cord around her wrists. The ogre made a
braying sound--was it laughter?--and stalked through the door, leaving the two
nude, helpless girls alone.
They gasped for breath, their hearts pounding. After a few minutes, their sobs
subsided. The hallway was quiet. "Val?" said Mindy in a quavering voice. "I'll
back up against you; let's try to untie each other, okay?" The brunette nodded
rapidly, her wet eyes above the gag still wide with fear. "Besides," Mindy
continued reassuringly, "they'll report us missing. Somebody will see our car
out front." Val nodded again.
The naked women rolled onto their sides, and slowly wriggled till they were
back-to-back. Mindy felt Val's warm, pulpy butt-cheeks against her own; the
sensation was strangely comforting. She felt for the other girl's bonds...then
fell over on her tits and belly. She rocked a couple of times and got onto her
side again, then bent her knees and hooked her toes between Val's slim calves to
get a grip. She bit her lip, the brightly-colored tattoo on her chest rising and
falling with her breasts, and strained as she reached for Valerie's bindings...
...and then it returned, eyes gleaming. It carried an armful of wood, and a ten
foot tree limb; both ends had been sharpened. It gazed at both girls; they
froze, staring up at the gigantic creature. It tossed the logs into the
still-smoldering pit; then, it reached down, and easily picked up Valerie by the
She flopped around like a landed fish, wildly "Mmmp!"-ing through the cloth, her
shapely legs flexing up and down. It carried her to a bare spot on the floor,
cleared away some of the bones, and crouched down, laying the hogtied girl face
down across its knees. Then it pulled the gag away from her mouth.
She gasped for air for some moments. "Mindy?" she finally said. "What's going
on?" She twisted to look at her friend, and saw that Mindy was looking away, her
shoulders shaking with sobs. "No!" Mindy stammered, "No--please!" Val tried to
turn her head--and suddenly a pain, worse than she'd even felt in her brief
life, seared through her anus. The beast was impaling her on the ten-foot stake!
She emitted a shrill scream, her eyes closing and her bound hands clenched into
fists, as the creature slowly worked the two-inch thick stake through her,
rotating it to drive through her inner organs. She choked, her tongue lolling
from her mouth, as the beast plunged the skewer past her lungs and heart; the
point emerged from her mouth, covered with gore. Val's breathing became shallow;
the creature then pulled out a huge, wicked-looking curved knife. He sliced
Valerie open from tits to navel, and proceeded to scoop out her entrails and
deposit them, steaming, on the cold, concrete floor. Val's breathing stopped;
the only sound in the room was Mindy's sobs and murmureds, "Oh, dear
Grunting with satisfaction, the creature untied the dead girl's feet and retied
her knees and ankles around the pole; it did the same with her arms and hands.
It gripped the pole on both ends and carried Valerie's limp, naked body to the
fire, placing the spit in the Y-prongs with Val facing down. The flames were
already licking higher, lapping at the poor girl's open abdomen and still-firm
teats, singeing the nipples. The ogre stirred the fire a bit; then--humming?--
left the room.
Mindy was blind with fear. She rolled on the floor, her sweaty, chunky body
rubbing against the rough surface, as she tried to find a way to cut her bonds.
Coming up against the sharp end of a broken thigh bone, she painfully rotated
her nude frame around so her wrists were against it; she sawed feverishly. In
the middle of the floor, Valerie was starting to brown; fat leaked from cracks
in her skin and sputtered as it dripped onto the flames. The hair around her
moist pudendum hissed as it burned. Her firm tits were a dark brown, her nipples
almost black. Hysterically, Mindy worked at her bonds. There!...Almost free!...
The rope gave way. Half-sobbing, the naked young woman undid her legs and hauled
herself unsteadily to her feet; she backed up flat against the wall, her eyes
darting toward the door, and slowly edged toward the opening. She poked her head
out; no sign of the ogre. Her ample flesh trembling, the nude girl made a
clumsy, barefoot dash up the stairs. Yes!...She could see the door!...She was
almost there!...
A huge hand clamped around her ankle, sending her sprawling across the landing.
Landing on her voluptuous breasts, Mindy tried to claw toward the door, just a
few feet away. She began to scream again: "PLEASE!!!...SOMEBODY!!!...SAVE
The beast carried the kicking, screaming woman back down to its den, butt first
and sideways; one arm wrapped around her naked hips, her plump pussy on display,
her smooth, warm belly chafing against its rough hide, the rose tattoo on her
tit under its arm. She pounded on its huge bulk with both fists. It grunted,
grabbed another length of cord and tied her ankles tightly, then bound them to
her wrists. Then, it reached for a stouter rope hanging from the ceiling, and
tied it around Mindy's bonds. This time, suspended six feet above the floor,
Mindy was going nowhere. It ambled to the spit; gave Valerie a half turn so her
pretty backside now faced the embers. Then, it stomped out again.
Mindy dangled helplessly by her hands and feet, tears again filling her brown
eyes. She stared straight ahead at the girl impaled on the spit; Valerie's teeth
were clenched around the wooden pole, her face burned red by the fire in a final
expression of agony, her long, black hair crackling as it burned. Her breasts
and the inside of her belly were thoroughly cooked, brown and glistening with
fat. Defeated, Mindy swallowed hard and closed her eyes...
She opened them again at the sound of a roar. The beast had returned,
brandishing its huge blade. Valerie's carcass was now a deep brown from her head
to her dainty little toes; the aroma of roasting meat filled the dingy basement
room. Lumbering to the pit, it cut the ropes holding Val's long legs to the
pole; her skin now crisp, the limbs stayed in place. It then grabbed one of her
ankles, and placing the knife just to the side of one of her saucy buttocks,
cleanly sliced off the leg, raised it to its mouth, and took an enormous bite
out of the soft, supple thigh. Clear juices ran down its chin as the ogre chewed
Valerie's meat; it swallowed--smiled!--and took another chomp out of the
luscious leg.
Suspended above the floor, watching the scene of horrid depravity, the tightly
bound and nude Mindy had gone half-insane. Now grinning, the beast sauntered
over to the poor young girl, pointed to the half-devoured leg in its claw, and
then to Mindy's own meaty haunch. It ran its claws underneath her, along the
flesh from her chubby fanny and along her thick thighs...and licked its chops.
Mindy moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head. The monster gave her a push,
and she swayed back and forth as it turned to continue its human feast. It
stripped the muscle from Valerie's calf with its fangs, bit off each toe one by
one...then tossed the bone to the side and, with a single slash, sliced the
unfortunate woman's other leg from her pelvis, to resume its grisly meal.
Bit by bit, the beast devoured the roasted girl, cutting her up piece by piece
and ripping the meat from her bones with its razor-sharp teeth. Her arms were
next; then her flanks, as the ogre took enormous bites out of her butt and
crotch. It sucked the greasy meat off each of her ribs, leaving them scattered
on the floor; the monster cleaned the flesh from her bones so thoroughly, they
were indistinguishable from the other remains in the basement. Finally, it
lifted the spit off the support poles, pulled Valerie's head off of it, and
carried both out of the room.
Mindy took a deep breath; her shoulders and hips ached from hanging from all
fours. She was delirious with fear; the beast's actions, pointing to Val's leg
and then to hers, were unmistakable. She tensed, and tried one more
time--"PLEASE!!!...SOMEONE!!!...HEEEELP MEEEE!!!...
The door opened. The sheriff walked in.
A great flood of relief rushed over the naked girl. The words, almost
incomprehensible, rushed out. "Sheriff!...Thank God! me! Terrible!
The sheriff chuckled. His hand rested on her tatooed breast; he gave her a
playful little tit squeeze. She gasped in disbelief.
"Weeell," said the lawman, "looks like Sonny's gonna have hisself a good
supper." Mindy stared at him. He continued, "Y'see, little lady, Sonny's m'boy.
Now, don't look so surprised; I'm told it all has to do with when I was workin'
at that nuclear plant years ago. Anyway, we gotta keep him fed. I made that call
to the station, and I got rid of your car, too. And when they report you
missing, guess whose job it'll be to look for you?" He roared with laughter, and
eyeballed her full, luscious body. "Yep, that Valerie, she was just a snack fer
a growin' boy like Sonny. You'll be a whole dinner!" He laughed again, slapped
the now hysterically sobbing Mindy on the behind to set her swaying, and walked
out. He called behind him on his way up the stairs, "Here he comes, now. Hey,
Sonny--time for the main course!"
And after a pause, Sonny walked in. Another ten-foot tree limb in one hand,
another armful of firewood in the other, its knife tucked into its rope belt.
And a huge grin across its fangs.

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