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Here's where I'll post up a gaggle of gynophag-erfic fics, written by the legendary Menagerie and a few by little old me!

Bon Ape-Teat!!

The Customer is Always Right

Beefy, busty, blonde Kim is used to using her body to get her way, especially since she arrived at Zook's Fine Housewares.  But she may have proverbially bit off more than she can chew...with a gaggle of creatures who'd like to literally chew on her!

There She Is!

High school can be a nightmare, just ask hillbilly gal Lizzie.  But the mean girls who made her miserable are about to get a truly hellish comeuppance as their favorite target goes through a chilling rite of passage, in which they all play unwitting--and unwilling--parts...

Part of the Deal

Melanie has no problem being George's mistress.  She even dreams of becoming his bride one day.  Unbeknownst to her, her sugar daddy's friends and wives have dreams about her, her curvy figure to be specific.  Someone's dreams are about to come true, while someone else learns the meaning of "dog eat dog" the hard way!

Bottom Line

Shonda just wants to earn enough money to finish school by doing some accounting for a firm in Uganda.  She never expected to be bedded by her boss, let alone become the main course at a celebration of all her good work!  Sometimes, our busty braincase learns, it just doesn't pay to do your job right...

The Ogre

Svelte Valerie and chunky Mindy are a pair of supple salesladies selling radio ad time, and doing a good job of it thus far.  That is until they get sidetracked by a horny backwoods sheriff and unwillingly uncover a dark, disgusting secret from the corrupt, corpulent lawman's checkered past...

Hail to the Chief

It's that time again--Election Year.  Some politicians--to be a bit more anal, their aides--go through great lengths to make sure that they either win their posts, or keep them.  Petite Deb, busty and bubbly Sue, and curvy Sandy--co-eds campaigning for one of the aforementioned--find out just how far someone will go for few extra sheckles in their campaign funds.  With their supple flesh...

Bon Voyage

Another year, another cruise--at least for Frank.  But it isn't all bad, surrounded by luscious ladies like Joanne, looking for a good time.  Every year, fun is had.  Maybe not so much for the person who winds up lost at sea.  Case in point, before the ship makes port at the end of its two weeks at sea, Joanne is going to painfully and horrifically find out what happens to such unfortunate souls, as well as just what Frank and the rest of the "Privileged" consider having a good time!


The moment he saw juicy, jaunty Jenn walking down the street, busty body about to burst from her pantsuit, he had to have her.  She would be absolutely perfect, he tells his assistant Akim.  By the time the Middle Eastern manservant is done getting her into her birthday suit, seducing her, warping how she perceives herself and her place in life--as the main course of his master's celebration--she will be.

Pal Pot

Gina and Tina are business women who have had year at their company, but wish to celebrate anyway.  Thrifty, big titted Gina makes a suggestion that doesn't feel like its on the up-and-up to her statuesque pal.  What seemed like a good vacation deal at the time is revealed to be one heck of a lemon, with an encounter with a tribe of South American Indians that leaves Tina wishing she had followed her gut, instead of contemplating a fate that ends with her and Gina digesting in someone else's...

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