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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Surprisingly LARGE Amount of Time on My Hands... work, at the call center.

I roughed out the storyboards to what will be another new comic and maybe the roughs for another animated film--it might become a comic too, I haven't decided...but...


Never thought I'd accomplish that administering phone surveys.  Well, trying to, anyway.

I had over 600 people hang up on me today. Alone.

Doing those storyboards might be what keeps me sane.  Don't have to worry about getting caught, I draw them so small that only I know what they really mean.

Also, work on the final dozen panels of Cinco De Mayo-Nesa is at the halfway point.  I'll never be without comics to do for my Patreon supporters is this keeps up!

But anyways...more Mexican sex comics and vids this week. maybe Wednesday.


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