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Monday, May 1, 2017

Feast Still Going...

...the inking on it, at least.

Ten panels have already been penciled thus far, and I'm inking one right now.  Might get another four done by tomorrow.

Odds are Executive Club will be underway in a week and a half at this a little something I wanna do for Cinco De Mayo, which is already storyboarded.

And is not so little at 31 panels.  But you'll love it, I'll start posting those with the next Patreon update.

Here's the "star" of that comic right here, as she appeared in a Mexican sex comic.  The first few panels anyway:

Stuff like this is what got me into gynophagia...imagining what this red-hot, redheaded hottie would taste like.

Specifically, what her breasts would taste like.

We'll all see in the new comic underway!

Also, a vid for you guys tonight!

See Ya When I See Ya!!

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