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Friday, May 19, 2017

Feast is Done and Model Sheets!


The Birthday Feast is completed.  All 173 panels of it!

Over the next several months, my Patreon supporters will be getting to see it.  For everyone else, the comic will go on sale sometime next week.

Bologna Boy is up and running, with model sheets being completed as we speak--Got R.J. and Melina done so far.  Again, my Patreon will be the place to go to see those as well!

Here's another tasty vid of Leanne Crow--one of her early DDF classics!:

More of Chichela, too!  Her model sheet will start getting penciled by the end of the month!

Some definite nipple sucking with these panels!

More to come very soon!

See Ya When I See Ya!!!

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