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Monday, April 17, 2017

Fantastic News All Around, Boils and Ghouls!!

Got all of Birthday Feast dialogued up to Panel 143.

After that, there is about TWENTY more panels to pencil and ink before this puppy is finished at
long last.

It's been at least five years in the making, and to see it completely done will be a helluva achievement!

It has been a year since I finished storyboarding and scripting Executive Club and the second issue of Mean Cuisine, so to start penciling those two will be a shit ton of fun!  Can't wait to script the return of Ria and Alyssa as well!

Hot Damn, I'm on a Roll!

Speaking of rolls, here's some vids of girls I'd like to see on buttered rolls, more specifically their breasts.

Or slabs of ass meat.

Or their juicy twats.

:D :

See Ya When I See Ya!!

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