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Friday, April 14, 2017

Going Thru Some Stuff When...

...I realized, that early last year, I was storyboarding a new Ria and Alyssa comic.

Not really storyboarding, but fully storyboarded!  Meaning it's ready to be penciled as soon as I get some other comix out of the way.

Who are Ria and Alyssa, you might ask?

These gals are Ria and Alyssa!!

The comic just needs dialogue, but it's ready to go when I am!  Also, the Contessa is getting eaten in Birthday Feast, which my Patreon supporters will get to see in a month or so!  I'm also nearing the finish line with a comic I'm storyboarding during breaks at my 9 to 5--another Menagerie adaptation, my fourth in fact!

To celebrate all this good news, how about a hot, British college girl.  A real juicy one! :D :

See Ya When I See Ya!!

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