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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Goodies!

Just posted a new Patreon update, fifteen images in all.  The Contessa is well on her way to joining her nephew and his nursemaid into the Great Beyond with what I've already inked, but it will be a bit till those who support me get to see it!

For that matter, so can all of you--for a few dollars a month!

Just finished storyboarding Bottom Line today at work, during the last part of my lunch hour, so that's another great tale waiting to get the full Zulu treatment!  I plan on adding There She Is and Part of the Deal to this little series of stories!

Got some more vids for you this day as well--hope they're up to your tastes! :D

Enjoy your double dose of Ms. Poole, and as always...

See Ya When I See Ya!!!

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