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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sorry Bout That...

...I was all sorts of tired when I got back from work.  Just penciled one more panel of Birthday Feast, filling out the comic sheet.

Meaning, inking on the ten new panels starts today after my shift!

Also, British Breasts!:

In both "Medium:


And "Extra Large"!:

See Ya When I See Ya!!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Ten Feast Panels Pencilled

...with about seven more after that to get the same treatment.  Two more of Feast will be in the Patreon update this weekend, along with other goodies!

I'll put up a vid when I get back from work tonight.

See you then!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Birthday Feast is turning into the comic that doesn't want to end.  Having finished the rough pencils, it looks like it's going to run for another 18 panels. 

You're probably wondering, Dude, what the HELL?

That's only because I need to add a few panels detailing the unhappy endings of other characters and that some panels I'd storyboarded felt like they would flow better as two separate ones.  But it will come to an end this summer for sure.'s more Lucy Collett!!:

See Ya When I See Ya!!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Twelve More...

...Panels, that is.  At the least.

I may add two or three more to keep the narrative flow going where I want it to, but Birthday Feast is winding down at long last. 

This comic was a journey, in every sense of the word.  I had to redraw it TWICE as my drawing style changed in the years I devoted to its completion.  And just letting the chips fall wound up turning it into the Cann-toon version of War and Peace, but I digress.

Got a few more things to do for Esploratrice--the rest of her manip puppets, for one--before I can finally sink my teeth into a comic I storyboarded the moment I saw Ashley Graham on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Speaking of Ass-hley, lol:

And here's her Executive Club co-star:

Now, back to work roughing out the remaining panels of Feast.  You guys will not be disappointed!

See Ya When I See YA!!

Panels 151 and 152 of Feast...

...will be done by tonight.  About 15 more panels after that and The Birthday Feast will be completed, for the most part.

I still want to do up some covers for each section of it, so it may still be awhile fore it's completely done.

More updates soon!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Just As I Promised!

I'm halfway done with the 148th Panel of Birthday Feast.  Things are really going badly for the Contessa in these next dozen panels--as it was her fault the Gnam-Gnams wound up eating Italian for their King's birthday. 

On a technical level, I'm really having fun with the backgrounds and layouts in these upcoming panels.  I've really gotten the hang of Photoshop and it shows! The storyboards for Executive Club have already been prepared for rough pencils and work on that will commence as soon as I am done with Feast.

Again, as promised, here is a tasty little vid featuring the one and only Lucy Pinder!

Ahh, what the Hell--I'm feeling generous!! Here's another:

Till next time...

See Ya When I See Ya!!

A Dozen More Panels to Go...

...heading off to my Nine-to-Five in a bit, but managed to finish the backgrounds for Panel 146.  Inking will commence when I get off of work.

Feast is really flying by now that I'm almost done with it.  By late next week, I'll be doing the roughs for the first 20 panels of Executive Club and some special stuff hopefully in time for Cinco De Mayo.

I'll put a video up when I get back!

Till then....

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pencilling Feast...

...before I head out to work in a few hours.  Got five panels done, working on number six.  Inking may start tonight, depends on how tired I am after I get home.

Rough sketching on Executive Club will begin next month, as well as scripting the recently storyboarded Tooth and Nail (aka the new Ria and Alyssa comic) and Bottom Line.

By Summer's end, I hope to have Club halfway done, and The Ogre a third of the way through.

I also want to do some neat stuff in time for Cinco De Mayo and a bit of tasty fluff with a certain Disney Princess.

Here's another tasty vid for ya guys to enjoy on this Saturday Morn:

See Ya When I See Ya!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Okey Dokey!

Got nine panels worth of Birthday Feast sketched out, and will get the pencils on at least half of those done by tomorrow.  The Contessa is getting eaten in them--SPOILER ALERT!!--and I am having a lot of fun coming up with how she leaves the world.

Also saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie, and--if you follow my Patreon--am considering an Anatomy Lesson with Belle.  I've drawn her nude once, and I'm itching to do it again!

Got to scan the new comix storyboards that I have drawn into my computer so that I can get them started too.

Neat vid for you guys today as well!:

This gal might get a comic of her own, a Menagerie adaptation even.  And I know just the one! But more on that later on...

Till then,

See Ya When I See Ya!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Current Feast Panels Photoshopped...

...gonna take a bit of breather for a few hours before I start roughing out the last 18 panels.  I'll have that done by tonight, and pencils will commence tomorrow.  Might be inking them by next week, if this keeps up.

Birthday Feast, when completed, will be 173 panels long.

This is the single longest comic I have ever drawn in my entire life.

Might put out a special edition someday and stretch it out to an even 200, but I want to get my other comics off the ground first.

I've also added some classic Menagerie tales to my Story Corner if you're interested!

Here's a vid of one of the inspirations of the entrees from my next comic.  Sorry for the lack of nudity, but if you want to blame anyone for that, blame her!:

What the Hell, here's another one, of that comic's second course--this time with nude-ee boot-ees!:

See Ya When I See Ya!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Gotta Share This...

...Executive Club is ready for roughs--the first 30 panels, anyway.  What I have of Birthday Feast is making its rounds in Photoshop.

There are 18 more panels of that comic to get done.  It's really at the end.  Damn!

Also, next Patreon update will feature not just another Menagerie adaptation--but the very first one I ever did!

Here's something nice to celebrate!:

It is because of the vivacious vixen--her and Anna Nicole Smith--that I got into the Gynophagia fetish in the first place.  I was still in my teens when I was wondering to myself, "What do this girl's awesome tits taste like?"

Hope you enjoy it!  More neat stuff soon!

Till then--

See Ya When I See Ya!!

Fantastic News All Around, Boils and Ghouls!!

Got all of Birthday Feast dialogued up to Panel 143.

After that, there is about TWENTY more panels to pencil and ink before this puppy is finished at
long last.

It's been at least five years in the making, and to see it completely done will be a helluva achievement!

It has been a year since I finished storyboarding and scripting Executive Club and the second issue of Mean Cuisine, so to start penciling those two will be a shit ton of fun!  Can't wait to script the return of Ria and Alyssa as well!

Hot Damn, I'm on a Roll!

Speaking of rolls, here's some vids of girls I'd like to see on buttered rolls, more specifically their breasts.

Or slabs of ass meat.

Or their juicy twats.

:D :

See Ya When I See Ya!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Goodies!

Just posted a new Patreon update, fifteen images in all.  The Contessa is well on her way to joining her nephew and his nursemaid into the Great Beyond with what I've already inked, but it will be a bit till those who support me get to see it!

For that matter, so can all of you--for a few dollars a month!

Just finished storyboarding Bottom Line today at work, during the last part of my lunch hour, so that's another great tale waiting to get the full Zulu treatment!  I plan on adding There She Is and Part of the Deal to this little series of stories!

Got some more vids for you this day as well--hope they're up to your tastes! :D

Enjoy your double dose of Ms. Poole, and as always...

See Ya When I See Ya!!!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Going Thru Some Stuff When...

...I realized, that early last year, I was storyboarding a new Ria and Alyssa comic.

Not really storyboarding, but fully storyboarded!  Meaning it's ready to be penciled as soon as I get some other comix out of the way.

Who are Ria and Alyssa, you might ask?

These gals are Ria and Alyssa!!

The comic just needs dialogue, but it's ready to go when I am!  Also, the Contessa is getting eaten in Birthday Feast, which my Patreon supporters will get to see in a month or so!  I'm also nearing the finish line with a comic I'm storyboarding during breaks at my 9 to 5--another Menagerie adaptation, my fourth in fact!

To celebrate all this good news, how about a hot, British college girl.  A real juicy one! :D :

See Ya When I See Ya!!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Annnnd...The Contessa Has Officially Been Carved...

Yup, just finished that panel!  When I come back from the 9 to 5-er, I'll add dialogue to two more panels and get them into a nice little update for my Patreon supporters. 

This comic is a monster and I'm almost at the finish line, guys!  But damn, what a monster!  It is a thing of warped beauty, but I can't wait to complete it.  I've got about six more comix already storyboarded and ready to go.

Also, here's Leanne Crow's titties!!

See Ya When I See Ya!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Almost Time to Carve the Contessa!!

I'm only 1 1/2 panels away from Contessa Ferrari suffering the same fate as her nephew and her aide in Birthday Feast.

After that, it's about 20 or so more panels before we reach it's conclusion.  I can hardly wait, as there are other stories I want to illustrate and some animation that needs to be completed.  I'm so close to starting up the second ish of Mean Cuisine and adapting Menagerie's The Ogre I can taste it!

Speaking of taste, here's a tasty little entrée, courtesy of Girls Gone Wild!

See Ya When I See Ya!!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Working on Feast...

The next group of panels are really coming along nicely--might have two more done by tomorrow.  There'll be three new ones in the Patreon update this Sunday.

Here's some goodies too! Starring Stacey Poole even!:

See Ya When I See YA!!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April Foo-Ahh, SHIT!!

I'm a day late, ain't I?

Oh well, here's some hot chix vidz for ya!

I once read somewhere that Leanne Crow's nipples are so sensitive, that she can orgasm just by having them sucked on.



Damn, I wish I was having sex with Leanne Crow right now.  Eh, here's the next best thang:

Now I'm wondering how sensitive Stacey Poole's tits are...oh yeah, I also updated my Patreon a while ago.

More goodies to come!! :D