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Monday, February 13, 2017

Comix for Sale!

If you aren't the Patreon sort, I've still got a Payloadz store full of comix for you to buy! All of them are under $10 USD and a ton of fun to read!

Like this one! Why, just take a look at these scrumptious samples below:

 The above are from The Customer is Always Right!, my latest Menagerie adaptation! It's available in 4 sections for $4 USD a piece!

These ones are from Mean Cuisine #1: Wonder Whoppers!, a series in which the Joker cooks up the various superheroines--and occasional villainesses--of the comic book universe! It's available in full for $8 USD!!

I hope you love readin' them as much as I did drawin' them!!

See Ya When I See Ya!!!

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