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Monday, February 27, 2017

Beefy British Wonder Woman Leanne Crow and Update Announcement!

My Patreon is getting an update tonight, just to give you guys a head's up.  Click on the brighter part of the previous sentence to find your way there if you want to contribute!


See Ya When I See Ya!!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

She's A Wonder--that Leanne Crow!

When she did this series of videos a couple of years back, it made my day! Here's the first one:

More to come soon!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sorry for the "Facebook" Edit...'s the uncensored model sheet of Power Girl and Terra!

Here's both gals--clothed and nekkid...

...A close up of Ms. Starr...

...and the same for her partner, Terra!

As soon as Birthday Feast is completed, the story starring these two luscious lasses will get under way!

And, 'cause you were so patient with me and my "boob-boo," here's a video of another delicious duo--from across the pond!:

See Ya When I See Ya!!

Tit-Meat Thursday!

Got up feeling like shit--so I decided to do something that'd cheer us all up.

Here's another vid of the ever succulent and satisfying Leanne Crow in all her glory!  Out in the woods doing her best G. I. Jane impression...that is until her tits decide to make themselves a spectacle!

Also, work continues on Birthday Feast, with about twenty more pages needed to complete that comic.  From there I'll start on Executive Club--

and the second issue of Mean Cuisine, starring Power Girl!

More Goodies to Come Very SOON!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Double Dee-lish Duos! Starring Stacey Poole and Melissa Debling!

Yeah, I know that those tits of theirs are bigger than a D cup, but...why am I apologizing?

Just look at these luscious ladies!  Switch out that pool table for a grill and Mmmm mmmm MMMM!!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Classic PulpToon Characters Come to Life!

An animated project that I'll return to once I get some comix work done is a little mini-series dedicated to bringing the characters of the legendary cann-toonist LordStorm to life:  Adventuress Squad-Three Tasty Tales.

The first of the stories involves his resident swords-and-sorcery characters Janara and the villain Yaltrexx.

Below is two minutes of what will be a half hour long short--once it's done.  After the first--Janara's Fate--is done, I still have two more stories to animate.  When it's complete, it'll be the longest piece of animation I have ever created!

Bon Ape-Teat and I'll See Ya When I See Ya!!

Leanne Crow Two-Fer!

I simply cannot get enough of this succulent spitfire!  A body made equally for both the bed and the dinner table, and she only gets hotter ever time I see her!

To celebrate this lovely creature's continued existence, here's two vids of the Busty Briton in all her luscious glory!:

And here's some Go-Pro fun with her!:

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Speaking of the "President of the United States"...'s something I cooked up during the election last year.  It still has quite a bit more to go before it's done, but the first few minutes of it are up at my Patreon.

For now, here's the intro!

Bon Ape-Teat!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Oh, Stay-Ceeee!!!

Because I feel we deserve some goodies on this Valentine's Day, here's a juicy British beauty in dire need of an apple, a pan, and a hot oven:

Whether she be buck naked in a bathtub....

...Or in a garden, you can never, NEVER, have too much of Stacey Poole!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Comix for Sale!

If you aren't the Patreon sort, I've still got a Payloadz store full of comix for you to buy! All of them are under $10 USD and a ton of fun to read!

Like this one! Why, just take a look at these scrumptious samples below:

 The above are from The Customer is Always Right!, my latest Menagerie adaptation! It's available in 4 sections for $4 USD a piece!

These ones are from Mean Cuisine #1: Wonder Whoppers!, a series in which the Joker cooks up the various superheroines--and occasional villainesses--of the comic book universe! It's available in full for $8 USD!!

I hope you love readin' them as much as I did drawin' them!!

See Ya When I See Ya!!!

Just in Case--If You're New or You Forgot...

I've got me a Patreon page going--for about a year and a half now.

I post new comix and animation there every week, plus images of hot chicks that would be even nicer if they were literally hot...and juicy, fresh from the stewpot, spit, and oven!

For as little as a measly buck a week, you can see all sorts of Zulu-riffic goodies!!

Head here to see for yourselves!

The entrees from The Customer is Always Right, a recently completed comic you
can see in full over at Patreon!


One update in 2016.

I'm sorry, guys.  Life is a bitch. 

So let's look at some hot ones, shall we?

Man, talk about a gal made for the oven.  I'm drooling thinking about all the gravy you'd get from a gal like her!!

More to come...I SWEAR!!