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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The panels are a bit mixed up, but it'll be better tomorrow, Cross My Heart and Hope To Fry...Diora Baird.

To be specific Diora Baird's lush chest fruit.

After they've been double dipped in cornmeal batter.

Like Corn Dogs.

Mmmmmm...yum! :)

Back Again...

Yeah, I's been a while...a long damn while.

I've just recently started going to school again, but I promise that the posting will be nowhere near as infrequent as it was before. To seal the deal, I'm gonna post a chapter of my Pulptoon free comic Jessi and Annie's Not So Excellent Adventures: The Villain's Convention here on the blog, detailing the freaky fate of fellow damsel in distress/entree Hello Nurse!

But for those of you who don't frequent the Pulptoon site, I'll post the whole tale--as of now--here.

Bon Apetit!!

Ria and Alyssa Return--Huzzah!!

Ria and Alyssa, the full figured--but common sense impaired--heroines/entress of Bongo Bongo, Ria and the Beanstalk and King Solomon's Minds are back! With some new faces--the lusciously lovely Denise and the diabolical teat munching toddler Little Louie--and a brand new story--A Taste of France!!

Click on this link to add this demented dish to your hard drive!: