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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Off topic--My Heroes: Willard Bowsky Pt. One

You guys are prolly wondering why it took me so damn long to post something new? Well, in short, because this is not what my post is about, life is a bitch. LOL

I'm doing this so that you guys might understand why I draw the way I draw, and hopefully get a some more comments from you guys.

I recently bought the Popeye DVD Collection, collecting his first 60 cartoons. Out of all these films, the best are directed and featured the supervising animation of one Willard Bowsky.
All that I know about him besides his work on Popeye is that he died serving this country nearly 60 years ago, in the Battle of the Bulge.

You can see how ill prepared I was for this, so know that there will be a Part Two to this thread!
I will be back with new info on one of my childhood hereoes as soon as I can find it.

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