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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hey There Friends and New Comers

Here's am I, Mister Zulu, now in Blog form!! I need to go to work tomorrow so I'll just post some pics for now and talks to y'all later!!


cannibal_chef said...

Hey Mr. Zulu....
I'm a huge fan! I've bought several of your cartoons strips and I love all of your work! Please keep it coming!


cannibal_chef said...

By the way....I think I noticed that there are a couple of panels missing where Jessi is spitroasted over the fire.

I know...because those are favorites of mine :D


misterzulu said...

I really don't think so, Chef but I'll double check to make sure!

The Dragon Man said...

Glad ya found Blogger, Zulu! Great artwork. Made me laugh!