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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Inking 18 New Panels of Bologna Boy...

...working on the backgrounds right now, in Photoshop. Should have six panels worth done by the time I go to work today, so that's good news.  The other dozen afterward will be simple, blurred splotches of color, and I'll just do them as their panels come up.  After that, it'll take another five panels to finish the comic itself!

For those out there that are Patrons of mine--and asked for such--the sequel to this current Boy storyline is already storyboarded and might get underway around the time the new Star Wars movie comes out.

A Halloween special and something to coincide with Justice League will start up in October and November, respectively.  Executive Club will finally see penciling around Christmas-time, fitting as Ashley Graham--who influenced the design of one that stories entrees--owns an ass that could pass for a pair of Yultide Hams.

Here's some Melissa Debling for you guys and gals 'fore I head out:

See you again soon!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ten More Panels to Pencil...

...before the inking on the next dozen and a half pages of Bologna Boy commences.  After those, the comic will be about 2/3 of the way done.

Then I'll start prepping my Halloween special and Mean Cuisine's sequel.  Executive Club will come after that and we might see the first completed panels of it in time for New Year's Day of next year.

On top of the comics I have already to be done, I have six more that have been storyboarded as well.  With the extra day off I'm going to get when I talk to my bosses today, I might be able to get all of them done by the end of next year.

As usual, head to my Patreon to see all these goodies for yourselves if you already aren't!

And here's some boobies!:

More goodies coming next week!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

More South of the Border Goodness and Other Things!

An extra helping of Chambeadoras for you, as well as some British, big-titted goodness courtesy of one Ms. Leanne Crow:

I've got six new comics completely storyboarded as of this past work week, including a new Lori Luscious tale and Menagerie's Part of the Deal.  You might start seeing storyboards from those around the end of this year.

Cinco De Mayo-Nesa is completely done, and you'll be seeing that comic draw to a close around November if you're a Patreon supporter of mine.  Right now, I have about a dozen new panels of Bologna Boy that need to be penciled.

Later guys!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This Job Ain't So Bad After All...

...In between people hanging up on me, telling me to take their names off the company's call list, and telling me to go fuck myself, I did the rough storyboards--50 panels thus far--of another Menagerie adaptation: Part of the Deal.

I'd read the story so many times that I could actually adapt it by memory.  I threw some extra stuff in, but it is the classic 'Gerie tale at its core.  I'd actually started doing it yesterday, but the page I drew it on fell out of my pocket while I was in the parking lot apparently, and I had to start from scratch this afternoon.

It's the sixth comic I've managed to rough out in the past week.  As long as I can hold on to this job, you guys will never see a shortage of Zulu comics, barring what life throws at me next.

I've got three more panels of Cinco De Mayo-Nesa to dialogue up before that's done and then its on to the second issue of Mean Cuisine, a little Halloween ditty that--again--I drew up at work, and Executive Club.  When MC #2 is done, I'll start up the second part of the current Bologna Boy comic--yeah, did that at work too!

I'm not off till Friday, so I'll save the Mexi-comics and a vid for then.

See you soon!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Two More Panels...

...and Cinco is done--inking wise.

Mean Cuisine's second issue will be next on the docket. When Bologna Boy is done, I'll start on Executive Club.  May take a break from my fourth ever Menagerie adaptation to do something special for Halloween and I'm thinking about animating another four minutes of Hail to the Chief.

Might pay some people I know on Twitter and at Pulptoon to do voices for the short I want to do for Christmas--which I may consider submitting to the Troma-Dance Film Festival.  I'll have until April of next year to do that.

I have a crap ton of plans.  I hope that I get to see them come to fruition.

And so that you don't leave completely empty handed:

See you again soon!!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Day Late, But Good News...

I had problems with my car yesterday, so it threw the entire day off balance. But I plan on rectifying that before I go to work today.

First off, more Mexican sex comic goodness:

And how about some vintage Leanne Crow?:

Also, three more panels and Cinco De Mayo-Nesa is done! 30+ panels.  After the last panels have been released to my Patreon supporters, I'll put the comic itself up for sale proper!  Then back to work on Bologna Boy, my original epic Executive Club, and the long-awaited second ish of Mean Cuisine.

See you guys again soon!!

Monday, July 10, 2017


...I just storyboarded five...FIVE full comics in the last two days.

And I'm learning the hard way that some people should not own a phone.

This job is gonna make me nuts.

But at least you guys will get some good things out of it. Like I said, five comics.

On top of all the other storyboards, it'll be a while before you see them completed, but keep your eyes on my Storyboard section, especially if you're a Patreon supporter.

I'll put up some goodies tomorrow night.

See ya!